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Te Ara Hura Walking Trail: Owhanake Bay to Matiatia

NZ Owhanake to Matiatia

My absolute favorite walk that I have done so far while living on Waiheke Island is from Owhanake Bay to the ferry terminal, Matiatia.  This walk forms part of what is referred to as the Headlands on the Te Ara Hura trail, some of the best views that the island has to offer.  My expectations were low.  Not for any negative reason, but I really just wanted to get outside for the day and see more of the island.  I had no idea I would be walking along the edges of the coast overlooking a stunning bay I couldn’t believe I hadn’t already been excitedly informed about by every single person I had met so far.  I felt a beautiful sense of freedom while on this section of the trail.  The island is not huge, but not tiny either.  It was unbelievable that this setting was just a short walk away from my little town of Oneroa.


NZ Owhanake to Matiatia 1


On this portion of my walk, I stopped to take photos, read, and revel in the views frequently.  I felt so far and separated from everyone, despite being only a few kilometers away from home and work.  It was peaceful, quiet.  I took a dip in little Cable Bay, ate my lunch on top of a furry hill above the water, walked by what I can only guess are million dollar homes overlooking the ocean, and read my book in a tree.  I have less than a month left on Waiheke Island and I’m desperate to walk more of Te Ara Hura before I leave.  Here’s to getting outside more!

NZ Owhanake to Matiatia 2

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

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