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San Francisco Food Photo Diary

Flying from New Zealand to the east coast of the United States can amount to 25+ hours of travel.  So I could not resist a stopover in San Francisco for three nights.  My first visit to this colorful quirky city left me positive that it would not be my last.  The first full day there included a typical walk along the Embarcadero, a drive over the famous Golden Gate Bridge, and a sunset picnic in Alamo Park by the Painted Ladies.  The evening finished off at an awesome bar/art gallery where dancing was a must and I enjoyed some novel cheap American beer!

Day two was reserved for eating.  In between visiting the MoMa, wandering around Haight-Ashbury, and falling in love with all of the houses between the Panhandle and Soma, we ate everything.  Tasting the different foods that San Francisco has to offer is significantly easier with another person!

After living in NZ for the last year, of course I had to start my morning of walking off with a novel iced coffee from Starbucks!

Breakfast everything bagel with lox and the works from the Gallery Cafe (a quirky corner cafe full of character that I stumbled upon on my way to Japantown)

A sweet barbecue pork steam bun from Imperial Tea Court in the Ferry Building

Since I love the Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, I couldn’t resist trying the unfiltered Sculpin (even at 10 in the morning)

My first visit to In-N-Out!! A double double burger with fries and a chocolate shake. Our stomaches didn’t feel fabulous after this one, but we pushed onward! (Fisherman’s Wharf)

Some spicy cajun chicken wings at People’s in Haight-Ashbury. (So exciting to be back in the country of good chicken wings again!)

A ginormous meat lover’s pizza slice from Slice House in Haight-Ashbury. Americans know how to make a proper slice of pizza.

Had to try my first Roasted Pork Banh Mi outside of Vietnam at Dragoneats in Haight-Ashbury. This place is awesome and knows what’s up because there are bottles of Sriracha everywhere for topping off your sandwich.

We held off until after 9pm to have a late dinner at Marlowe. We dined on tiny oysters, seafood poppers, deviled eggs, bone marrow, roast cauliflower, and an angus ribeye. Now that I write this out, it looks like a lot of food…


What can I say? When you only have a short time in a beautiful city full of quirky neighborhoods and endless eats, you need to try a little bit of everything.  Plus, I love food.  I definitely recommend all of the places I stumbled upon in this city–particularly Slice House and Gallery Cafe.  Many people I have met in different parts of the world have expressed to me that Americans make terrible food or that we know nothing about good food.  I simply don’t see how any one who actually visits this country could ever think that when we are influenced by nearly every single culture and country in the entire world!

What do you think? Have you ever been to San Francisco?

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

Tara loves all things London and wants to spend the rest of her life reading books in beautiful places. She can often be found nestled up in a bookshop, drinking a pint at the pub, or searching for the best pizza slice in town.

  • Michelle

    I had my first In-N-Out experience in San Fran too! Looking at this post brings me happy memories, and looks like you had a great time!

    November 20, 2017 at 4:24 PM
    • Tara Higgins
      Tara Higgins

      Thank you! Yes we definitely enjoy eating as much San Francisco food as possible.

      November 25, 2017 at 9:31 AM