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Where To Find Bomb As Milkshakes in Auckland

Have you ever seen a photo of someone drinking one of the most absurd yet enticing sweet creation out of a mason jar?  Have you ever thought, that would probably make me sick, but my goodness I need it right now?  I sure did.  From the first week that I set foot on New Zealand soil, I became exposed to the new insane milkshake craze that’s sweeping through the brunchers of Instagram.

And I’m a fan.


I love anything and everything sweet.  My sweet tooth has encouraged me to consume full tubs of ice cream–Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food I’m looking at you–in a single sitting and spray whipped cream directly into my mouth.  There’s no shame here.

So when I first heard of Cereal Killa Cafe in Mount Eden, I shouted yes! to the heavens and promised myself I would make it there before I left.  And make it there I did.

Chocolate. Nutella. Oreo cookie. Whipped cream. Malted milk balls.  Nuts.  Honestly, I think that I needed to find this place in order to learn that there are other people on this Earth who also do not have the phrase “light toppings” in their repertoire and who, too, believe the more chocolate the merrier.

TO All the kind people ive met 2


Cereal Killa Cafe

360H Dominion Road
Auckland, New Zealand

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

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