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As I travel and see more of our world, I have been getting really into travelogues and travel memoirs.  Reading about someone else’s adventure fills my veins with inspiration to go do something crazy like take on a week long mountain trek or go on a silent retreat or write my own travelogue.  Something along those lines.

South America is somewhere I dream to go one day.  It has always felt slightly inaccessible to me, someone whose Spanish speaking skills are minimal at best and pretty much end at “can I go to the bathroom,” “I’m hungry,” and repeating the Spanish rap from the TV show Community.  My best friend currently lives and loves life in Argentina and I have become friends with many wonderful people from various South American countries.  One day, I hope to backpack through the beautiful, far-off Americas south of my northern homeland.

Thanks to Mark Adams, my eagerness to get to Peru is through the roof and I’m keen for hardcore mountain climbing and long treks through the forest with a machete that will transform my bum into rock hard goodness.  Thanks Mark, as well, for teaching me that the Yale man who was credited for bringing Machu Picchu onto the radar of the western world–not discovering it, for it has been known in Peru to many–was also the governor of my home state, Connecticut, for a little while.

Favorite Quote

There’s energy in everything, Mark. Remember, you can’t find everything in a book.


NZ Turn Right at MP 1

Owhanake Bay, Waiheke Island, New Zealand


NZ Turn Right at MP

Te Ara Hura  walking trail overlooking Owhanake Bay, Waiheke Island, New Zealand


NZ Turn Right at MP 3

Up in a tree, Matiatia, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

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Tara Higgins

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