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Where I Read Lost for Words

A few weeks ago, I finally did something I should have done when I first arrived on Waiheke Island. I got a library card. I was only able to bring seven books with me to New Zealand. So in efforts to save the second half of my special seven for my six weeks of traveling in May, I decided to started taking books out from the library.  Edward St. Aubyn’s novel Lost for Words is a witty quick-read that illustrates the different avenues on which people consider what real literature is and questions whether or not people can recognize true art in today’s world.   I brought Lost for Words with me to Kawakawa Bay, where I stayed at the Beachcomber Motel.

Favorite Quotes

“Rome wasn’t deconstructed in a day.”

“All he needed was a first sentence, and one more espresso.”

“But that, after all, was the point of romantic folly.  If it hadn’t all gone terribly wrong, it wouldn’t have been the real thing.”

Lost for Words Beachcomber

The Beachcomber Motel, Kawakawa, New Zealand

Lost for Words Kawakawa Bay

Kawakawa Bay, New Zealand

Have you read Lost for Words?

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