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Visiting Abel Tasman National Park

2017 was definitely New Zealand’s golden year for tourism.  The country seemed to be on everyone’s radar as the next big place to go.  It’s been two years since I moved from Connecticut to New Zealand.  Two whole years.  The speed at which time flies is seriously blowing my mind.  When I first arrived there, I had no idea what to expect (having barely done any research at all).  If you have been following my blog for the past two years, you know that I lived on Waiheke Island, 35 minutes off the coast of Auckland.

The North Island is incredibly special to me.  It’s full of people, culture, life, volcanoes.  The usual.  There are seemingly endless amounts of pristine beaches, secluded bush walks, and natural stunning views. Though I’ve written endlessly about life on Waiheke and exploring the North Island by car, I have barely scratched the surface of the South Island!!

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Over a year ago, I explored New Zealand’s South Island by camper van with my best friend.  We started our journey in Christchurch driving counter-clockwise around the island.  It was on that journey that we came across Abel Tasman National Park.



What is Abel Tasman National Park?

On the northern coast of New Zealand’s South Island resides Abel Tasman National Park.   A gorgeous part of the South Island, known for turquoise waters and untouched beaches, Abel Tasman is most famous for its 51 km Coast Track.  The walking track hugs the coast, goes through the bush and deposits hikers on a pristine beach for the first leg.  The full walk lasts 3-5 days, but we only opted to walk to the first hut and beach, which took about two or three hours.

Summer beach activities such as kayaking and sailing can be arranged as well with local companies.


New Zealand has done a phenomenal job of making its beautiful natural areas accessible to hikers.  The Department of Conversation (DOC) provides 8 huts incrementally along the multi-day trail.  There are also campsites available.  In Abel Tasman, you’ll see the brightest blue water while experiencing moderately warm temperatures (especially for the South Island).

This is the perfect place to plan a weekend or week away in New Zealand.  Especially if you want to stay away from the crowds of Queenstown!  When I return to New Zealand this year I intend to focus more on multi-day treks and less on cities.

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