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Road Trip: 4 Week North Island Itinerary

Frequently, I am questioned where exactly I went on my North Island road trip a few months ago.  I took the ferry from Waiheke Island to Auckland, sped out of town and hit the pavement fast with my eyes set on Cape Reinga.  After that, I drove around the island clockwise and down through the middle, missing the far east (I will make it back there soon!).  After reaching Wellington I swung back around the clock up the west coast and made it back to Waiheke Island with two days to play with my friends.

Here is my four week New Zealand – North Island itinerary listed simply and chronologically.

NZ Cape Reinga lighthouse 1

Week One:

NZ Hobbiton 8

Week Two:


Week Three

NZ Owhanake to Matiatia

Week Four

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