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Relaxing in Vienna: Hotel Pension Lumes

Five short minutes from the Stephanplatz U-Bahn (subway) stop hides Vienna’s Hotel Pension Lumes on a quaint side street.  I arrived in Vienna utterly exhausted from three fully packed days in Budapest.  Clouds rested over the city and the cooler temperature invited me to exchange my sundresses and shorts for jeans and a big sweater for the first time since Ireland.

Vienna marked the time in my solo backpacking journey when I was ready to upgrade from dingy hostels to somewhere more comfortable.  Hotel Pension Lumes’s affordable prices and central location attracted me to book a room two days before my visit to Austria’s capital for two nights.  Here in my clean, single room, I finally felt completely safe, comfortable, and ready to recharge for the next few days before meeting up with a friend in Prague.  My soft cloud of a bed begged me to nestle, enjoy Netflix on the free wifi, and eat the chocolate I had collected in Belgium.  The bathroom sparkled and the shower hugged me with clean, hot water (something incredibly exciting for a solo backpacker who has been sharing less than stellar hostel showers).  The staff was super friendly and helpful, offering tips and suggestions for exploring the city.


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I booked this hotel on Expedia.

Book this hotel if…

1. You want to stay in a central, but tucked away location near boutique stores and delectable coffee shops

2. You’re looking for something affordable, comfortable, and simple

Weihburggasse 18-20; A-1010 Wien

Tel: +43-1-513 96 74

Website: www.hotelpensionlumes.at

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

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