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Is This the Best Chocolate in the World?! Visiting Wellington Chocolate Factory for the First Time

Tucked away between the streets of Wellington resides the clean, comfortable, sleek interior of Wellington Chocolate Factory.  Please call me Charlie because I want to call this place my new home and frolic through the factory with a bar of salted brittle caramel in both hands, with chocolate dribbling down my chin and a wild look in my […]

I’m Living in a Van With My Best Friend

Carrie and I have not seen each other in over a year.  Our best-friendship began nine years ago just before the first day of high school.  We have remained linked throughout four sometimes tough, sometimes funny, sometimes life-changing years of high school, through four years at university where we had a long distance relationship, and […]

The Truth Behind Taking a Solo Road Trip

It’s scary at first For the first week, I was terribly scared to sleep in my car.  I can admit that openly.  I would find a place on the side of the road or in a parking lot.  I would lock all of my doors while attempting to cover my windows so that strangers could […]

A Short Guide to Napier

  About Napier Population: 57,000+ (in the city) Location: Hawkes Bay, east coast of New Zealand’s North Island In 1931, New Zealand’s city of Napier received the opportunity to recreate itself.  It was struck by a traumatic earthquake that lasted more than three minutes.  Walking through the city feels like taking a step back in […]

Read To Travel Turns 1!

For the last week I have been showing London and Galway to my boyfriend and having an absolute blast.  While we were making our rounds to different pubs, eating our way through London’s East End, and nearly blowing off the edge of the Cliffs of Moher… something exciting happened! Read To Travel turned 1!  On […]

Top 6 Ice Cream Stands in Connecticut

If you’re a genius like myself, then you love ice cream. I mean love it so much you want to marry it.  Am I taking it too far? Whatever, I love ice cream.  And when I do marry someone, ice cream will be present in some way, shape, or form at my wedding and on […]

My First Day Back in London After Two Years

I arrived at London Gatwick Airport bright and early yesterday morning for the first time in years.  I pranced through customs after they let me through, excited to get home.  In college, I studied abroad in London for a semester and my Waterloo flat became my home away from home.  It is without a doubt […]

At Hell’s Gate

Rotorua, New Zealand is home to remarkable sulphur deposits and geothermal activity. Spiraling towers of steam constantly flow out of the ground, giving the area a unique atmosphere. Believing he was looking upon the fiery gates of hell, George Bernard Shaw named the 50 acres of bubbling heat “Hellsgate.” Hell’s Gate features the Southern Hemisphere’s […]

5 Items on my Travel Wishlist

As you know, I have been living in the New England for the last three months.  In less than two weeks, I will be heading out again to Europe for a week and then on to New Zealand until 2017.  My excitement levels are through the roof right now.  Even though I have done this […]

No Baggage: A Minimalist Tale of Love and Wandering

About the Book Clara Bensen is currently a 20-something writer living in Austin, Texas.  In 2013 she meets Jeff on OKCupid.  Jeff is wild, unique, and determined never to be tied down again.  After knowing each other for only a few weeks, Clara agrees to accompany Jeff on one of his exciting experiments: a three […]

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