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October Finds

I am constantly searching Bloglovin’ and the web for great content, fresh ideas, and fun people.  Here are a few favorite selections from this month: HOW TO VISIT ALL THE HARRY POTTER LOCATIONS IN LONDON on World of Wanderlust WELCOME TO PUERTO RICO on Slycin, my good friend who moved to Puerto Rico to be a […]

Essential Budapest: Budapest for First-Timers

Budapest has been one of my dream destinations for the past several years for no other reason than its mystery, exoticism, and location in the heart of Eastern Europe.  In reality, I knew nothing about the city or the country of Hungary before going there.  Much to my surprise and delight, Budapest turned out to […]

I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Reading Books in Beautiful Places

My primary drive behind creating this blog is because I love to travel and I love to read. My main goal in life is to spend the rest of my life reading books in beautiful places and recording those experiences.  I’m always looking forward toward my next adventure and seeking out the best spot to […]

Quick Getaway: Amsterdam

The decision to go to Amsterdam was made within about 30 seconds four days beforehand.  Being the most spontaneous trip I have ever taken, I did not plan very much ahead of time in terms of what to see and do.  Still, the “Venice of the North” did not disappoint.  Traveling either alone or in […]

The Importance of Studying Abroad

1. You get to make another town or city your home If you are like me and you went to a university a short distance from where you grew up, you have really only had one area to call home your entire life.  Moving to a new country allows you to truly call a new […]

The Best Pizza in Florence

During my nine days in Italy, I ate a lot a pizza. A lot. I’m talking once a day, minimum. My Italian diet consisted of pizza, pasta, gelato, and wine.  It sounds cliché, but totally necessary.  While in beautiful Florence, a friend of a friend studying abroad there led us to the best pizza place in town, Gusta Pizza. […]

Day of Firsts in London

During the very first week of my 20’s, I stepped off the plane at London Heathrow after an eight-hour flight from JFK.  Finally, I had left Connecticut, left North America, to embark on something entirely new.  With 45 other students, I arrived at my new home for the next four months in some random place called […]

Video: Seven Weeks in Europe

From the beginning of July 2015 to the end of August, I spent nearly seven weeks in Europe.  My first four and a half weeks were enjoyed in An Cheathrú Rua, a tiny seaside Gaeltacht in County Galway, Ireland.  After studying the Irish language for a year, yes there is actually a native Irish language, I received […]

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