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Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport

If there is one thing I have realized from the family vacations of my childhood and teenage years, it is the importance of a good night’s sleep before embarking on a journey. I backpacked solo through Eastern Europe for two weeks while my luggage was locked away at Dublin Airport awaiting my return. There were […]

8 Beautiful Words to Help You Describe Your Travels

More often than not when I’m traveling, I find myself feeling incredible emotions without the proper words to describe them.  New landscapes, people, cities, and experiences require new words.  Add these beautiful foreign words to your vocabulary to help describe yourself better during those moments on the road that leave you speechless. Querencia (Spanish) A place […]

Thailand is Same Same, But Different

“Same same, but different” is probably the most widely used English phrase across Thailand. Thai people who can’t speak a lick of English can say and understand “same same, but different,” and they use it in the most creative ways. For example, imagine you are looking at a shirt sold by a vendor on the street. […]

7 Hours in Brussels

Oddly enough, the most affordable and simple way for me to travel from Pula, Croatia to Budapest was to fly back west to Brussels.  So, I figured I might as well make an impromptu Belgian day out of it.  Starting the day off with an early flight to South Charleroi Airport, I booked a 9 […]

Where I Read in November 2015

It’s no secret that I want to see the world.  All of it.  Alongside that goal, I’ve been working on the lifelong project of reading 1,000 books in beautiful places around the globe.  I must admit that I have been a very slow reader lately, but the books I did pick up this month were difficult […]

The Best Reading Spots in London

One of my absolute favorite activities to do while traveling is read a good book.   Consuming my current read in different spots all over a city or town is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a new place. I lived in London for four amazing months. On days when I would explore by myself, […]

Eating Like a Local at Prague’s Lokál

We entered a loud, crowded, male-filled beer hall.  I had just reunited with my good friend Mary Kate, from whom I had been separated for almost two weeks. Having chosen Lokál because of a recommendation from the people at her hostel, we had no clue what to expect.  Were we supposed to seat ourselves? Or […]

The Art of Keeping in Touch While You’re Abroad

  Traveling to a new place hits you with a gust of excitement and endless views, scents, and tastes to stimulate your senses.  However, while you’re eating tredlnik in Prague‘s Old Town Square or hiking into the Irish clouds, your friends and family at home continue to live their daily lives.   Adventure sometimes makes […]

Relaxing in Vienna: Hotel Pension Lumes

Five short minutes from the Stephanplatz U-Bahn (subway) stop hides Vienna’s Hotel Pension Lumes on a quaint side street.  I arrived in Vienna utterly exhausted from three fully packed days in Budapest.  Clouds rested over the city and the cooler temperature invited me to exchange my sundresses and shorts for jeans and a big sweater for the […]

A Charming Seaside Irish Town

Good timing resulted in my opportunity to live in one of Ireland’s most charming towns this summer, An Cheathrù Rua. An hour west of Galway along the coastline, this town is called home by some of Ireland’s remaining native Gaelic speakers. Unbeknownst to much of the world, Ireland has a native language preceding English that many […]

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