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Crater Climbing: Mount Eden

The bus drove away along with my hopes and dreams of getting an early start.  My hesitation to ask the bus driver if his was the proper bus to Mount Eden cost me a half hour of waiting.  I plopped onto a nearby bench, pulled out Cloud Atlas, and took a deep breath.  The schedule […]

The Houses of Devonport

I am absolutely smitten with the beachside town of Devonport.  Just a 15 minute ferry ride away from Auckland city center, this town has a very quiet and intimate feel.  I walked along the coastline through the neighborhoods, falling in love with the unique homes and exquisite landscaping.  Aside from the main street right by […]

Air New Zealand Review

Before this week, the longest flight I had ever taken lasted eight hours.  After a layover in Houston, Texas, my long haul flight to Auckland was a whopping fifteen hours in length.  When I was deciding which airline to choose, I was between Air Fiji and Air New Zealand.  Though, I have yet to try […]

First Impressions of Auckland

  Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand!  It’s my first morning here in this city, so I’m still feeling my way around.  I can’t yet offer tips or advice about the area yet, but I can provide you with my first impressions.  After a few bumps along the way, I finally made it to my first […]

My New Zealand Bucket List

There’s something magical about embracing spontaneity.  At the moment, I do not have too many definite plans after landing in Auckland.  I don’t know what to expect or what to do first, which is both exciting and overwhelming.  2016 is going to be an interesting year full of adventure.  Here is a handful of things […]

New Year New Books

  With the new year comes a new reading list.  Since I have a tendency to stick to the older classics I made an effort to read more contemporary works last year and this year I intend to continue that.  In addition, I’m adding more self-love, self-discovery, and travel texts to my reading list. Bard […]

Choosing the Perfect Thaisland (Thai Island)

Do yourself a favor and Google the word “Thailand”. I know, right? All those fantasies you’ve had of laying in a cabana being fanned by a giant banana leaf and savoring grapes one by one as they are dangled in front of your face – that fantasy takes place in Thailand. Now that I’ve convinced […]

Afternoon Tea at The Crooked House of Windsor

  Originally a butcher shop, The Crooked House of Windsor has been around since 1592.  Over the centuries, many businesses have come and gone, but currently it houses one of England’s quaintest tea rooms.   Yes, the building is actually slanted!  Though I would not call myself an tea aficionado, I certainly took part in dining […]

I Bought a One-Way Ticket to New Zealand

Surprise! I have decided to uproot myself and head solo to the opposite corner of the world for a year. I have a working holiday visa, which will last for one year and I’m dealing with a healthy combination of nervousness and excitement. So far, I have no definite plan other than landing in Auckland […]

8 Instagrammers Who Will Feed Your Wanderlust

Here are a few of my favorite travel instagrammers! 1. @worldofwanderlust There comes a time in life when you don’t just want to move forward, you want to run in any direction. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to pack up, let it all go, and start something new. Talking about my quarter life crisis in […]

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