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My Island Morning Routine

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Living in New Zealand, I’m happier with myself than I have ever been before.  I embrace things that make me feel good and bring me inner peace.  Each day I try to express gratitude and exude positivity everywhere I go.  This type of temperament and lifestyle is simple to live out with a great morning routine.

Though I haven’t reached the point where I do this every day, I have found myself a beautiful island morning routine that I have never had the opportunity to do before in my life while living in the United States or United Kingdom.  On the mornings that I don’t have to get to work terribly early, I get up, put on my bathing suit and shorts, and run to the beach.


Since the distance from my hilltop home to Little Oneroa Beach is quite short, I weave in and out of neighborhood streets on either side of the island.  After finally making my way to this little paradise between the rocks, I abandon my shoes and phone in the sand, run full speed into the water, and swim laps in the ocean. THE OCEAN.  As someone who has never lived on the beach before, this type of morning workout is incredibly meditative, relaxing, and also quite difficult as I’m no Olympic swimmer.

I made it my summer goal to do this as much as possible, appreciate the healing qualities of Waiheke Island’s turquoise, warm ocean water, and enjoy this opportunity while I can.

My Morning Island Routine 2

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

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