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After living abroad and traveling for five months, I returned home to Connecticut to live for couple of months.  There were weddings to attend, a family to catch up with, a boyfriend to kiss, friends to laugh with, and a bank account to be replenished.  My time in New Zealand allowed me to miss home for the first time in while, which is good.  Though I love everything about living abroad, it’s difficult being so far from loved ones.  A summer at home seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.  A taste of home, good weather, and family and friends long enough to do a myriad of things, yet short enough not to feel stuck again.  Almost two months in and I realize there are so many places just a short drive from home that I really want to see, but won’t have the time to yet.

It’s difficult juggling a full time job, curating a creative space on the internet, pursuing a writing career, saving money for travel, spending as much time as possible with my boyfriend, my family, and my best friends (whom I know I will be leaving very soon) all the time.  I didn’t even mention the other parts of my life that factor into my good health and spirits: working out daily, eating a well-balanced plant-based diet (most of the time), getting enough sleep every night, having alone time, reading regularly, and attempting to clear out my possessions to attain a more minimalist living situation.  Time management is difficult, but not impossible.  I make it work most days and there are some things on my list that fall to the bottom unfortunately (ahem, my closest and bedroom are a mess).

Wedding Polaroid Wine Night And Dinner

The juggling act is worth it because this summer I feel like I’m working toward something.  My time is never wasted.  Even when I finally get an hour or evening to just curl up alone with Netflix, it feels well-deserved and all part of the requirements of keeping me running around with a smile on my face.  I’ve been hosting dinner parties with old friends, soaking up the sun at the beach with new friends, staying after work for a drink with work friends, and visiting as many friends as possible in different corners of the state and the region.

Sometimes I worry that I’m wasting my visa, which will run out at the beginning of 2017, by spending so many months at home.  However, I know this extended visit is worth it.  My spirits are up.  I know this won’t last forever, so I will continue to make the most of each day and enjoy every moment while it lasts.  Soon my bag will be packed and I’ll be embarking again on a new segment in my story.  Hugs and kisses with my beautiful people from home will be virtual once more.

PIzza by the beach DCIM101GOPRO

Until then, I say more wine nights, more beers after work, more dinner parties.  More days at the beach, more sought out weekend adventures, more effort to see someone I haven’t seen in months even if it’s just for ten minutes because she sent me a snapchat from the grocery store down the road.  More movie nights and brunch dates and trips to the lake.  I’ll keep giving more and soaking up all the love here at home so that when I’m in a different hemisphere, I will look back on my American summer and radiate gratitude, love, and a little bit of longing.


Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

Tara loves all things London and wants to spend the rest of her life reading books in beautiful places. She can often be found nestled up in a bookshop, drinking a pint at the pub, or searching for the best pizza slice in town.

  • Arielle

    That looks awesome and beautiful! That swimming hole looks awesome. I love summers in the Northeast; I once spent a summer in upstate New York/Cape Cod with my friend… it was incredible. Except for the humidity. But that’s what the swimming holes are for 😉

    August 2, 2016 at 8:23 AM
    • Tara Higgins
      Tara Higgins

      Swimming holes are my new favorite places to be!

      August 3, 2016 at 11:35 PM