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Dining At Tantalus Estate Vineyard

In November I had the pleasure of dining at Tantalus Estate Vineyard for the first time.  The newest addition to Waiheke Island’s list of top wineries resides in Onetangi Valley and opened in September of 2016.  In addition to creating high end Bordeaux and Rhone-style wines, the estate holds a brewhouse on the ground floor and serves beer flights in the main restaurant.  Not a single dollar appears to have been spared in creating a open, airy, and elegant dining experience.  Tantalus shows that quality and class are a top priority.

We were fortunate enough to be seated outdoors just meters from the vines.  I opted for the chef’s market fish, which was detectible and prepared to perfection.  As always, my friends and I cannot pass up the opportunity to taste and rate a restaurant’s cheeseboard.  We agreed the full five cheeses were absolutely necessary to complete our lunch.  Licking the plates of the various cheeseboards offered around Waiheke Island has become quite a hobby of mine and this, my friends, was a proper cheeseboard.

After lunch we went for a wander through the garden and the vineyards.  I have had the pleasure of returning to Tantalus several times since this first experience and I guarantee I will be back again soon.

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

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