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Checking In: Kawakawa Bay’s Beachcomber Motel

I have been living in New Zealand for nine weeks.  After staying in Auckland city center for a seven days, I briskly moved to Waiheke Island where I have been spending the remaining days of summer under the sun.  My little getaway to Kawakawa Bay was the first time since my arrival to the country that I really felt like I was traveling again.


The Beachcomber Motel Review

From the exterior, the grounds are covered in beautiful flowers, green plants, and various trees that made me feel like I was in my own secret garden.  The backyard looks out toward sheep wandering the fields beneath the hills while the front boasts an ocean view.  Tony succeeded in providing optimum comfort and made me feel right at home from the start.


The Room

For two nights, I stayed in Unit 4 on the edge of the property.  Fully equipped with a kitchen, sitting area, bathroom, and two beds, I felt provided with more than enough to enjoy my private oasis.  The calming white and pastel color palette relaxed me instantly and I could not wait to curl up with a book on the front porch.  Each night, I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. Kawakawa Bay is small and quiet with everything moving at a wonderfully slow pace.  I felt completely at ease and Tony truly took care of everything I could possibly want or need.


The Experience

There are hotels and then there are places in which you find yourself completely at home.  Within ten minutes of my arrival, I was welcomed into my romantic beach-themed room and fed figs picked directly from the tree right outside.  My mornings were spent taking in the quiet on my porch with a book in hand and a fantastic view of the ocean.  Breathtaking coastal walks through Waitawa Regional Park and scenic drives zigging and zagging with the coastline took up my afternoons.  At night, I had the pleasure of dining on delicious food from the local Clevedon Market with my two newest friends, Tony and Cath.  I had a moment of clarity right after my first night here.  This is what I came to New Zealand to do.  I moved here alone hoping to spend time in unknown, non-touristy areas, to meet amazing local people who I will keep in touch with for years to come, and to make memories that I will look back fondly on when I recall my youth and think, ah, I did it right when I was young.  A place that can bring out that kind of feeling is a place worth going.

You should book this hotel if…

If you’re in search of a peaceful place you’ll never want to leave, the Beachcomber is for you.  I would definitely recommend this for a romantic couple’s retreat, a family getaway, or as part of your solo road trip.

Thank you so much to Tony at The Beachcomber for having me a guest.  My opinions are always my own.

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

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