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3 Essential Shoes For Backpackers

When it comes to traversing the globe, I need my feet to be comfortable.  Otherwise, I get blisters or they get sore and I’m cranky, which is no fun for anyone.  Often, we take our feet for granted.  Our feet are important parts of our bodies that need to be taken care of so that we […]

5 Things You Should Taste During Your First Visit To Vermont

If you are heading to the state of Vermont for the first time, you HAVE to taste these five items.  This short list has been created for those traveling to Vermont for the first time.  Locals and frequent Vermont-goers will have walked these roads years ago and fail to be impressed (except for maple creemees… […]

A Guide To Trekking Through Sapa, Vietnam

Are you looking to trek through the rice terraces of Northern Vietnam? Search no further than Sapa.  After arriving in the main village of Sapa with nothing planned aside from a burning desire to complete a multi-day walk, I learned quite a bit about the process of setting one up.  In this post, I will […]

3 Non-Touristy Gems Worth Visiting on the North Island

On a New Zealand road trip and looking for a few stops that won’t be littered with other tourists?  There are numerous spots all over the North and South islands that you can enjoy in solitude if you just know where to look.  Here are three gems that I found to be quite non-touristy on […]

How To Cope With Spending The Holidays In The Hot, Sunny Southern Hemisphere

I like to believe that I am a proper northern girl.   Not only am I from the Northern Hemisphere of the world, I’m from the northeast of the United States–a region that receives some of the most brutal winters.  I’m talking power outages and snow up past the top of the doorway.  During my […]

A Traveler’s Guide To Speaking Thai

Sawatdee ka! (Hello!) Planning a trip to the land of smiles? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Thai language section of your guidebook? Fear not! Here are some simple Thai phrases that will help you enjoy your time in Thailand. Although most people working in the tourism industry will speak English, there is no better […]

7 Ways To Save Money For Travel

It makes me feel sad how many people  genuinely believe that traveling is impossible.  They wonder how I, and many more like me, afford to do it. You may think my parents fund my adventures.  That good ol’ mum and dad send me heaps of their hard earned cash money so that I can explore and […]

Choosing the Perfect Thaisland (Thai Island)

Do yourself a favor and Google the word “Thailand”. I know, right? All those fantasies you’ve had of laying in a cabana being fanned by a giant banana leaf and savoring grapes one by one as they are dangled in front of your face – that fantasy takes place in Thailand. Now that I’ve convinced […]

The Art of Keeping in Touch While You’re Abroad

  Traveling to a new place hits you with a gust of excitement and endless views, scents, and tastes to stimulate your senses.  However, while you’re eating tredlnik in Prague‘s Old Town Square or hiking into the Irish clouds, your friends and family at home continue to live their daily lives.   Adventure sometimes makes […]