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A Traveler’s Guide To Speaking Thai

Sawatdee ka! (Hello!) Planning a trip to the land of smiles? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Thai language section of your guidebook? Fear not! Here are some simple Thai phrases that will help you enjoy your time in Thailand. Although most people working in the tourism industry will speak English, there is no better […]

Heaven is a Place on Earth: 5 Reasons To Visit Elephant Nature Park

Most people who travel to Thailand do so with the hopes of meeting an elephant.  Natural vegetarians, fiercely loyal, and gentle lovers, elephants are one of the most intriguing animals on the planet. Elephants are considered to be the symbol of Thailand, but the truth is they haven’t been treated so well in the land […]

Choosing the Perfect Thaisland (Thai Island)

Do yourself a favor and Google the word “Thailand”. I know, right? All those fantasies you’ve had of laying in a cabana being fanned by a giant banana leaf and savoring grapes one by one as they are dangled in front of your face – that fantasy takes place in Thailand. Now that I’ve convinced […]

Thailand is Same Same, But Different

“Same same, but different” is probably the most widely used English phrase across Thailand. Thai people who can’t speak a lick of English can say and understand “same same, but different,” and they use it in the most creative ways. For example, imagine you are looking at a shirt sold by a vendor on the street. […]