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2017 in Review: Where I Traveled This Year

Once again I find myself in a familiar position, remarking how another year has come and gone.  If you remember, last year I wrote about all of the unbelievable places I traveled to in 2016.  By 2016’s last day I was single, spending my birthday and the new year in a hot place for the […]

Postcards from Waiheke

One year ago, I leapt from Connecticut to New Zealand semi-blindly.  I had no idea I would meet a girl online inviting me to Waiheke Island.  I had never even heard of Waiheke Island—Waikiki, yes, but this other place, nope.  For three months I lived and breathed Waiheke sunshine and island life.  It took hardly any […]

2016 in Review: Where I Traveled This Year

It amazes me how quickly this year went by.  2016 had terribly deep up’s and down’s for me on a personal level and in regards to the world as a whole.  Overall, I feel so grateful for the opportunities and support this year brought to me.  Beautiful people have walked into my life this year and some […]

The Truth Behind Taking a Solo Road Trip

It’s scary at first For the first week, I was terribly scared to sleep in my car.  I can admit that openly.  I would find a place on the side of the road or in a parking lot.  I would lock all of my doors while attempting to cover my windows so that strangers could […]

My First European Backpacking Itinerary

Last summer, I embarked on my first solo journey on which I spent a month in western Ireland and two weeks backpacking through Eastern Europe.  Many often ask me for my itinerary and exactly where I went while on this trip.  So, behold, here is the full backpacking portion itinerary: Ireland Cork: one night Wexford: one […]

May: The Road, A Car, and Myself

I am going on an adventure!  Today is a very exciting day because I am leaving my comfy life on Waiheke Island to travel for six weeks.  The month of May will be spent driving on the lefthand side of the road all over New Zealand’s North Island. I could not be more excited to […]

Why I Choose To Travel Alone

  After reading countless blogs and travel memoirs by independent women traveling the globe, I spent my college days endlessly dreaming of the time when it would just be me and my backpack on the open road.  So many people ask me if I’m scared or lonely, and honestly,  it does get lonely.  But I […]

I Moved Across the World and Feel Completely Overwhelmed

Two weeks ago, I packed my bags, kissed my boyfriend goodbye, and boarded a plane headed west for Auckland, New Zealand.  I had gotten myself a working holiday visa valid in the country for one year. For the two months leading up to my move, I faced constant questions.  Aren’t you scared?  What will you […]

I Bought a One-Way Ticket to New Zealand

Surprise! I have decided to uproot myself and head solo to the opposite corner of the world for a year. I have a working holiday visa, which will last for one year and I’m dealing with a healthy combination of nervousness and excitement. So far, I have no definite plan other than landing in Auckland […]