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Visiting Abel Tasman National Park

2017 was definitely New Zealand’s golden year for tourism.  The country seemed to be on everyone’s radar as the next big place to go.  It’s been two years since I moved from Connecticut to New Zealand.  Two whole years.  The speed at which time flies is seriously blowing my mind.  When I first arrived there, I had […]

NEW ZEALAND ROAD TRIP: South Island Itinerary

Last year I rented an awesome camper van to explore New Zealand’s South Island with one of my best friends.  We rented our rad van from Escape Rentals and hit the open road together after each living in separate countries for over a year.  There is no better way to see this beautiful country than by car […]

Three AWESOME Single Day Hikes on New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand’s South Island is well-known for incredible scenery and hikes from north to south.  However, the North Island is covered with various hiking routes and trails that range from the most popular in the country to those rather unknown amongst travelers.  If you are looking for a solid single day hike on the North […]

17 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Waiheke Island, New Zealand

For the last year and a half, I have called Waiheke Island my home.  This island off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand has crept up on lists of big name travel magazines as the place to visit over the last few years.  So I feel quite lucky to have stumbled upon it organically almost […]

Boogie Van Brewing: Waiheke Island’s Local Craft Brewery

As many of you know, I have been living on Waiheke Island for about a year and a half.  Here on the island, the presence of vineyards and love of wine permeates the air.  On New Zealand’s “island of wine,” sometimes I’m just looking for a relaxing environment and good craft beer—no fine dining or […]

Enjoying Giapo’s Edible Art on National Ice Cream Day

When I received a reminder that it was National Ice Cream Day in the United States, I knew something needed to be done immediately.  I could not let such an important day of my year slide by simply because I live in New Zealand.  So we hopped on the ferry to Auckland in search of […]

3 Non-Touristy Gems Worth Visiting on the North Island

On a New Zealand road trip and looking for a few stops that won’t be littered with other tourists?  There are numerous spots all over the North and South islands that you can enjoy in solitude if you just know where to look.  Here are three gems that I found to be quite non-touristy on […]

Walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

My New Zealand bucket list housed “Walk the Tongariro Crossing” for over a year. I was sorely disappointed last year when my intended day to do the walk was cancelled due to the fact that I couldn’t get a shuttle in the snow.  Since good things come to those who wait, the national park welcomed me […]

Climbing Mt Karioi

Sometimes we plan things in life and sometimes we do not.  The decision to climb Mount Karioi is one example of a time we planned nothing.  Our quick weekend trip to Raglan was rather spontaneous. Upon arrival we had no plans of seeing or doing anything specific.  We simply wanted to embrace Raglan softly and […]

Postcards from Waiheke

One year ago, I leapt from Connecticut to New Zealand semi-blindly.  I had no idea I would meet a girl online inviting me to Waiheke Island.  I had never even heard of Waiheke Island—Waikiki, yes, but this other place, nope.  For three months I lived and breathed Waiheke sunshine and island life.  It took hardly any […]

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