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2017 in Review: Where I Traveled This Year

Once again I find myself in a familiar position, remarking how another year has come and gone.  If you remember, last year I wrote about all of the unbelievable places I traveled to in 2016.  By 2016’s last day I was single, spending my birthday and the new year in a hot place for the […]

Read To Travel Update: Where Have I Been For The Last 3 Months & What’s Next?

I have been looking forward to last Thursday for two years.  Why?  Because Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday on this Earth (and I love Christmas).  Since I missed Thanksgiving at home last year, my excitement levels have been through the roof in anticipation of this week full of family, fun, and feast. A seemingly endless […]

I Left New Zealand and Moved To…

…The USA! For three months!  Everyone I run into keeps asking me the same series of questions?  What are you doing? Where is all of your stuff?  Where are you living? After a year and a half living in one of the world’s most beautiful lands (says the girl who has so much more to see), […]

Postcards from Waiheke

One year ago, I leapt from Connecticut to New Zealand semi-blindly.  I had no idea I would meet a girl online inviting me to Waiheke Island.  I had never even heard of Waiheke Island—Waikiki, yes, but this other place, nope.  For three months I lived and breathed Waiheke sunshine and island life.  It took hardly any […]

2016 in Review: Where I Traveled This Year

It amazes me how quickly this year went by.  2016 had terribly deep up’s and down’s for me on a personal level and in regards to the world as a whole.  Overall, I feel so grateful for the opportunities and support this year brought to me.  Beautiful people have walked into my life this year and some […]

How To Cope With Spending The Holidays In The Hot, Sunny Southern Hemisphere

I like to believe that I am a proper northern girl.   Not only am I from the Northern Hemisphere of the world, I’m from the northeast of the United States–a region that receives some of the most brutal winters.  I’m talking power outages and snow up past the top of the doorway.  During my […]

Finding Light

You may or may not have noticed the silence over here for the last few weeks.  Part of that is due to my move back to Waiheke Island where I have been in a constant state of go-go-go.  Part is a result of the recent goings-on in the United States. I have been in a […]

The Truth Behind Taking a Solo Road Trip

It’s scary at first For the first week, I was terribly scared to sleep in my car.  I can admit that openly.  I would find a place on the side of the road or in a parking lot.  I would lock all of my doors while attempting to cover my windows so that strangers could […]

Read To Travel Turns 1!

For the last week I have been showing London and Galway to my boyfriend and having an absolute blast.  While we were making our rounds to different pubs, eating our way through London’s East End, and nearly blowing off the edge of the Cliffs of Moher… something exciting happened! Read To Travel turned 1!  On […]

Home For New England Summer

After living abroad and traveling for five months, I returned home to Connecticut to live for couple of months.  There were weddings to attend, a family to catch up with, a boyfriend to kiss, friends to laugh with, and a bank account to be replenished.  My time in New Zealand allowed me to miss home for […]

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