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This Woman Read a Book From Every Country of the World in One Year

Ann Morgan always believed herself to be a well-rounded, well-informed, well-read person… until she realized that a majority of the books on her shelves were written by American and British authors.  Without a doubt, there are some phenomenal works of literature from these areas of the world.  Some would argue that many of the world’s […]

The Truth Behind Taking a Solo Road Trip

It’s scary at first For the first week, I was terribly scared to sleep in my car.  I can admit that openly.  I would find a place on the side of the road or in a parking lot.  I would lock all of my doors while attempting to cover my windows so that strangers could […]

5 Items on my Travel Wishlist

As you know, I have been living in the New England for the last three months.  In less than two weeks, I will be heading out again to Europe for a week and then on to New Zealand until 2017.  My excitement levels are through the roof right now.  Even though I have done this […]

8 Instagrammers Who Will Feed Your Wanderlust

Here are a few of my favorite travel instagrammers! 1. @worldofwanderlust There comes a time in life when you don’t just want to move forward, you want to run in any direction. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to pack up, let it all go, and start something new. Talking about my quarter life crisis in […]

8 Beautiful Words to Help You Describe Your Travels

More often than not when I’m traveling, I find myself feeling incredible emotions without the proper words to describe them.  New landscapes, people, cities, and experiences require new words.  Add these beautiful foreign words to your vocabulary to help describe yourself better during those moments on the road that leave you speechless. Querencia (Spanish) A place […]