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8 Unique Neighborhoods & Markets To Explore When You Visit London

  London is an ever-changing magical city.  You can visit the place a hundred times and see, feel, and experience something entirely different with each adventure.  I am self-proclaimed London lover, after spending four beautiful months there and barely scraping the surface of what the city has to offer. Over my many years perusing the […]

Getting Lost in Canterbury

Sincerest apologies for the major gaps in my blog updates… We rented a car for two weeks and nearly every single day have jetted off somewhere in England within a three hour drive to explore as many places as possible.  Last I left us off in Dover, but we have been all over the map […]

Walking Along The White Cliffs of Dover

Greetings from across the pond!   We landed safely and soundly at Heathrow, made our way quickly to our rental car and sped off toward Dover. For as long as I have wanted to take a road trip around England, I have dreamt of setting eyes upon the white cliffs of Dover.  Severely exhausted from […]

My First Day Back in London After Two Years

I arrived at London Gatwick Airport bright and early yesterday morning for the first time in years.  I pranced through customs after they let me through, excited to get home.  In college, I studied abroad in London for a semester and my Waterloo flat became my home away from home.  It is without a doubt […]

Afternoon Tea at The Crooked House of Windsor

  Originally a butcher shop, The Crooked House of Windsor has been around since 1592.  Over the centuries, many businesses have come and gone, but currently it houses one of England’s quaintest tea rooms.   Yes, the building is actually slanted!  Though I would not call myself an tea aficionado, I certainly took part in dining […]

The Best Reading Spots in London

One of my absolute favorite activities to do while traveling is read a good book.   Consuming my current read in different spots all over a city or town is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a new place. I lived in London for four amazing months. On days when I would explore by myself, […]

The Importance of Studying Abroad

1. You get to make another town or city your home If you are like me and you went to a university a short distance from where you grew up, you have really only had one area to call home your entire life.  Moving to a new country allows you to truly call a new […]

Day of Firsts in London

During the very first week of my 20’s, I stepped off the plane at London Heathrow after an eight-hour flight from JFK.  Finally, I had left Connecticut, left North America, to embark on something entirely new.  With 45 other students, I arrived at my new home for the next four months in some random place called […]