Read To Travel


Read 1000 books

Go bungee jumping

Visit Machu Picchu

Go to Ireland with my dad

Add to the love lock bridge in Paris

Vist Thailand

Visit Malaysia

See an Olympic game

See the Hollywood sign

Anonymously send someone flowers

Pie someone in the face

Visit New Zealand

Attend an away New England Patriots game

Attend an episode of Conan

See the Northern Lights

Go to a wine tasting

Mardi Gras!

Go to the SuperBowl

Drink wine in Tuscany

Go to the opera

See the Parthenon


Attend an episode of Jimmy Fallon

See a broadway show

Visit Chicago

See the redwoods

Go to the Church of Tara on the Hill of Tara (Ireland)

Bake a GIGANTIC cookie

Visit Copenhagen

See the Taj Mahal

Be a bridesmaid

Shoot a flaming arrow

Go to a spa

Eat chocolates in Switzerland

Go to Oktoberfest in Germany

Experience the Love Parade

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Study abroad

Read every single Stephen King publication

Explore the ruins of Pompeii

Visit every European capital (so far: London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome, Budapest, Vienna, Prague)

Feed a giraffe

Eat gelato in Italy

Go crowdsurfing

Go ice fishing


Visit Niagra Falls on July 4th

Go to San Francisco

Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Play paintball

See Versailles

Go ziplining

Grow a pineapple

Help build a house

Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!

Wander around London

Have a library in my home

Hike the Grand Canyon

Learn to surf

Walk the Great Wall of China

Visit Vietnam


Make pottery

Plant a tree

Go parasailing

Fly first class

Food fight

Gamble in Vegas

Go on a cruise

Visit Australia

Go to Yellowstone National Park

Watch tennis at Wimbledon

Go to Chile

Travel to Scandinavia


Study Greek mythology

Attend the Kentucky Derby

Go to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama

Grow sunflowers

Go skydiving

Shoot a rifle

Cherry blossom viewing in Japan

Go cone-ing

Eat a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake

Ride a camel

Get married

Give blood

Experience a flashmob

See the pyramids

Visit Tasmania

Visit South Africa

See the Christmas tree lit at Rockefeller Center

Ride a gondola in Venice

Buy a cake from Carlo’s Bakery

Climb a lighthouse

Complete the 365 Day Photo Project

Rollerblade through Central Park

Ride in a sidecar

See the ball drop in Times Square

Ride in a hot air balloon

Drive a race car

Drink a tropical drink on a Hawaiian beach

Look out from the top of the Empire State Building

Ride in a helicopter

Visit Iceland