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5 Things To Do In Whangarei

So you’re headed to Whangarei, but aren’t quite sure where to go or what to do? Fear not, because I have the perfect beginner’s list of how to spend your time here.  Visiting Whangarei is a great introduction to New Zealand’s Northland region and worth enjoying every moment.  From rural, country paths through farmland to stunning beaches and hikes to vibrant local culture, Whangarei seems to have it all.  Here are five things you should definitely do while here!


1. Explore The Town Basin

Whangarei’s charming Town Basin is a small, well furbished downtown by the marina.  Visit The Bach for an array of local artisan creations or have a cup of coffee at one of the outdoor cafes while boat watching. (image)

NZ Whangarei Falls

2. Visit Whangarei Falls

On the edge of Whangarei City and Tikipunga lies the entrance to the path to Whangarei Falls.  Did you spend time New Zealand’s vast wilderness if you don’t see at least one waterfall?

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3. Go See Glowworms in the Waipu Caves

The ceilings of the chambers of the Waipu Caves are covered with glowworms.  The caves are an enter-at-your-own-risk kind of deal, but worth it if you’re up for a bit of an adventure. (image)


NZ Whangarei Heads Mt Manaia

4. Drive to the Whangarei Heads Peninsula and Hike Mount Manaia

Whangarei Heads is about 35 km from the city centre.  You could spend at least a weekend exploring just this area alone.  There are endless bush and coastal walks as well as the majestic Mount Manaia climb.

 NZ Whangarei Whale Bay

5. Hit the Beaches of the Tutukaka Coast

If I could return to one place in Whangarei to spend a significant amount of time exploring in the summer time it would definitely be the Tutukaka Coast.  Whale Bay is a must see and, if you have time, head out to Poor Knights Islands.

Do you have any recommendations for visiting Whangarei?

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