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A Page From My Journal: Discussing Conamara National Park And The Concept of Perfection

I keep a journal.  It wouldn’t feel right telling people that I want to be a writer if I didn’t write things down regularly.  Usually I have a notebook in my bag and if I don’t then my phone’s notepad is my best friend.  Hopefully one day I’ll be on Stephen King’s level where I […]

12 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Northland, New Zealand

The northernmost region of New Zealand’s North Island feels like a private oasis.  Near the equator, Northland’s climate falls under subtropical.  Never far from the coast, you can find endless empty beaches with magazine-worthy views.  Though it’s not without its tourist attractions, even in the summer time, the volume of tourists does not begin to […]

A Special Tasting at Mills Reef Winery

I had just left Matamata.  On a high from visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set and showering for the first time in four days, I was ready for a full day of exploration.  As much as a road trip causes excitement, it brings about an equal dose of exhaustion.  But not on this day.  I felt […]

To The Kind, Friendly Souls I Met While Traveling For Five Months

Over the last five months, I met some pretty beautiful people.  There is something about traveling alone that allows me let me guard down.  I am able to be more open about my innermost thoughts to complete strangers, bringing me closer to them than many friends whom I have known for years.  It amazes me […]

A Mecca To Hobbiton

  Before… I will be upfront right now.  I absolutely raced through the first week of my road trip out of excitement to get to Matamata.  A trip to the famed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit  movie set has been on my to-do list ever since I decided to move to New Zealand.  Not wanting to miss […]

One Day in the Coromandel

While living on Waiheke Island, I wanted to take a weekend trip to the Coromandel Peninsula for months. Until my May road trip I had only previously made it to Thames, the entry town, to hike the Pinnacles for a weekend.  When the time to visit finally arrived, I zipped around the Coromandel in just […]

My First West Coast Sunset: Piha

After visiting breathtaking Cape Reinga, I felt restless.  I drove from New Zealand’s most northwestern point down to Kumue in an afternoon, parked for the night on the side of the road, the sped off south early after the sun rose.  After popping over shortly to Waitkere Ranges, I drove out to Piha, my first west […]

Where I Read Lord Of The Rings (The Fellowship)

There are dozens of my books on my shelves that I am dying to read, yet also waiting for the perfect time to read them.  Something about reading a specific book at a certain time in my life feels special.  Often these connections, this recognition of the opportune timing, make no sense.  I just know […]

7 Ways To Save Money For Travel

It makes me feel sad how many people  genuinely believe that traveling is impossible.  They wonder how I, and many more like me, afford to do it. You may think my parents fund my adventures.  That good ol’ mum and dad send me heaps of their hard earned cash money so that I can explore and […]

Surreal Cape Reinga

Though I knew very little about Northland before hitting the road north, I knew that I definitely wanted to visit Cape Reinga.  Admittedly, I did not even know what was so special about New Zealand’s northwestern most point other than it’s geographical location.  I just knew that I wanted to be at that point. After […]

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