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Getting Lost in Canterbury

Sincerest apologies for the major gaps in my blog updates… We rented a car for two weeks and nearly every single day have jetted off somewhere in England within a three hour drive to explore as many places as possible.  Last I left us off in Dover, but we have been all over the map […]

Walking Along The White Cliffs of Dover

Greetings from across the pond!   We landed safely and soundly at Heathrow, made our way quickly to our rental car and sped off toward Dover. For as long as I have wanted to take a road trip around England, I have dreamt of setting eyes upon the white cliffs of Dover.  Severely exhausted from […]

Read To Travel Update: Where Have I Been For The Last 3 Months & What’s Next?

I have been looking forward to last Thursday for two years.  Why?  Because Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday on this Earth (and I love Christmas).  Since I missed Thanksgiving at home last year, my excitement levels have been through the roof in anticipation of this week full of family, fun, and feast. A seemingly endless […]

7 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit County Galway Ireland

Rolling green hills, old stone walls, and well-traveled pathways cover the dreamy landscape of western Ireland.  I was fortunate enough to travel to County Galway to study Gaelic, practice my dancing, and make new friends.  Over the course of four weeks, we explored the villages, downtown Galway, the Aran Islands, the countryside, and–of course–all of the […]

NEW ZEALAND ROAD TRIP: South Island Itinerary

Last year I rented an awesome camper van to explore New Zealand’s South Island with one of my best friends.  We rented our rad van from Escape Rentals and hit the open road together after each living in separate countries for over a year.  There is no better way to see this beautiful country than by car […]

November Reading List

It’s been a while since I have done one of these and I think it’s time to share what’s on my bedside table with you.  In all honesty, my nightstand is an absolute chaotic, poetic, mess.  But that’s okay.  There are nearly too many books, loose jewelry, and a pile of notebooks because, well, I […]

24 Hours in Washington DC

No American road trip, especially one focusing entirely on the east coast, is complete without a visit to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.  Over the years I have lost count of how many times I have visited this wonderful place and I was so excited to have the opportunity–though a small one–to show it to […]

5 Beaches You Can’t Miss in Australia

Australia is famous for being the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  This makes narrowing it down to just a few quite difficult when attempting to compile a list of Australia’s best beaches. With this being said, here are just five of my very favourite sandy spots in this extraordinary […]

5 Things You Should Taste During Your First Visit To Vermont

If you are heading to the state of Vermont for the first time, you HAVE to taste these five items.  This short list has been created for those traveling to Vermont for the first time.  Locals and frequent Vermont-goers will have walked these roads years ago and fail to be impressed (except for maple creemees… […]

Vermont Welcomes You

Greetings from the wilderness, and by “wilderness” I mean my aunt’s home in Virginia where we are making a comfortable stop indoors on our route south.  But know that I did type this post out in the woods, fireside with smoke blowing in my eyes. The first stop on our USA-east-coast-going-south-to-introduce-the-englishman-to-my-country-roadtrip was… Vermont! I would […]

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