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One Day in the Coromandel

While living on Waiheke Island, I wanted to take a weekend trip to the Coromandel Peninsula for months. Until my May road trip I had only previously made it to Thames, the entry town, to hike the Pinnacles for a weekend.  When the time to visit finally arrived, I zipped around the Coromandel in just […]

My First West Coast Sunset: Piha

After visiting breathtaking Cape Reinga, I felt restless.  I drove from New Zealand’s most northwestern point down to Kumue in an afternoon, parked for the night on the side of the road, the sped off south early after the sun rose.  After popping over shortly to Waitkere Ranges, I drove out to Piha, my first west […]

Where I Read Lord Of The Rings (The Fellowship)

There are dozens of my books on my shelves that I am dying to read, yet also waiting for the perfect time to read them.  Something about reading a specific book at a certain time in my life feels special.  Often these connections, this recognition of the opportune timing, make no sense.  I just know […]

7 Ways To Save Money For Travel

It makes me feel sad how many people  genuinely believe that traveling is impossible.  They wonder how I, and many more like me, afford to do it. You may think my parents fund my adventures.  That good ol’ mum and dad send me heaps of their hard earned cash money so that I can explore and […]

Surreal Cape Reinga

Though I knew very little about Northland before hitting the road north, I knew that I definitely wanted to visit Cape Reinga.  Admittedly, I did not even know what was so special about New Zealand’s northwestern most point other than it’s geographical location.  I just knew that I wanted to be at that point. After […]

5 Things To Do In Whangarei

So you’re headed to Whangarei, but aren’t quite sure where to go or what to do? Fear not, because I have the perfect beginner’s list of how to spend your time here.  Visiting Whangarei is a great introduction to New Zealand’s Northland region and worth enjoying every moment.  From rural, country paths through farmland to […]

My First European Backpacking Itinerary

Last summer, I embarked on my first solo journey on which I spent a month in western Ireland and two weeks backpacking through Eastern Europe.  Many often ask me for my itinerary and exactly where I went while on this trip.  So, behold, here is the full backpacking portion itinerary: Ireland Cork: one night Wexford: one […]

Russell: Introducing The Bay of Islands

Slowly over the last several weeks, I have been stealthily compiling a list of random places that I hear my Kiwi and  well-traveled backpackers mention in New Zealand.  As I scanned the map for my route from Whangarei to the Bay of Islands, I noticed Russell, a name that sounded familiar. I went to my […]

Whangarei Heads and the Tutukaka Coast

My second full day in Whangarei was primarily spent driving.  In the span of a day I drove into the city centre, down to the Whangarei Heads, back to Tikipunga, out to the Tutukaka Coast, and back to Whangarei.  If you know the area well, you’ll understand how much driving that is.  However, since I […]

Where I Read Turn Right At Machu Picchu

As I travel and see more of our world, I have been getting really into travelogues and travel memoirs.  Reading about someone else’s adventure fills my veins with inspiration to go do something crazy like take on a week long mountain trek or go on a silent retreat or write my own travelogue.  Something along […]

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